We've come a long way since launching Syndicate 1955 in late 2007. Having established our own Managing Agency at Lloyd’s in January 2011, we now have over 300 staff located in London, Manchester, Guernsey, Kansas City and Atlanta.

Still run by our original management team, we have carefully built our businesses brick-by-brick, providing intelligent, responsive risk solutions and products worldwide across a broad range of insurance and reinsurance classes. 

Our name

‘Barbican’ comes from the Latin, ‘Barbicana’, meaning a fortified gateway, usually positioned just outside a city’s walls. Being historically a strategic first line of defence, this makes our name particularly appropriate as we help protect our clients against the risks they face in the uncertain and often volatile world in which they operate.

Our logo

Our company logo reflects the roots of our name. The castle that we use today is inspired by a map that can be found in the Print Room of the Guildhall Library depicting the City of London in Saxon times. Outside the City walls, to the north of Aldersgate, was a drawing of a small tower perched on a round hill which bore the caption ‘Barbacan’.

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