Seacurus specialises in the design and implementation of solutions that protect participants in the marine industry from events that could negatively impact their balance sheets; such events might be a credit default, a hijacking, a charter party cancellation, or disruption to a voyage due to a political event.

Why work with us

As a specialist marine insurance broker, we continue to develop and deliver bespoke insurance solutions including charterers' default. In 2010 we established the first delegated underwriting binding authority for marine kidnap and ransom insurance, and in September 2011 became an approved Lloyd's coverholder.

Our products

  • Piracy
    • Cover includes ransom, unlimited response costs, loss of ransom in transit, additional expenses, and legal liability.
  • Piracy loss of hire
    • No deductible or excess and the cover will indemnify either owner or charterer from the first moment that the vessel is hijacked.
  • Legal defence
    • Cover for ship-owners' liabilities and legal expenses arising from the carriage of armed guards.
  • War
    • Cover includes protection from sabotage, vandalism and malicious mischief, violent theft, piracy and barratry, war risks protection and indemnity, and loss of hire.
  • Credit
    • Includes the amount of any hire due under the charter-party that remains unpaid within the agreed indemnification period; the cost of laying up the vessel after termination of the charter-party; amount of any shortfall in the hire rate when the vessel is re-chartered; the policy will also cover undertaking of legal proceedings to mitigate a loss resulting from a default in payment of hire and/or pursuit of an arbitration award in order to obtain recoveries from defaulting charterers.
  • Crew
    • Financial security to protect seafarers from the consequences of abandonment.
  • Bespoke solutions
    • Whether the risk is financial default, delay, dispute, cancellation, a political event or an act of piracy, Seacurus can deliver a range of bespoke insurance solutions to its shipping clients.

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