There is no secret to why cyber attacks succeed. Chances are the attacker’s cyber reconnaissance identified a soft data target. They scoped out the security, targeted the company’s weakest entry point and took advantage. Once they’re in, your data becomes their data.

To stay in control, you need to get ahead of the cyber attacker – and that is exactly where Cyber OSA ‘One Step Ahead’ puts you. Developed in partnership with leading cyber risk management specialists, Cyber OSA offers a series of ‘value adds’, at no additional cost, to help assess and improve your cyber resilience. 

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Let’s start with the reconnaissance

No organisation’s network is fully breach proof. But there’s no excuse for making it easy for a data thief to access your information by leaving a cyber window open. 

FICO Enterprise Security Suite (ESS) Portrait puts you one step ahead of potential cyber attackers by conducting the same type of reconnaissance they do. From outside your network, the system scans the internet to identify your externally visible weak spots and red-flag indicators that could attract intruders and helping you shut any open windows. 

Then there is your employee line of defence

There is no point maintaining the highest levels of security, if someone unwittingly opens the data door by clicking a phishing email. 

To tackle this, TSC Advantage, a global leader in enterprise risk and cybersecurity, conducts a series of controlled phishing simulation attacks on your company. That way you quickly get an understanding of just how ‘cyber conscious’ your staff really are, from the newest joiner to the longest standing senior executive. Then based on our findings we work to make your staff one of the strongest parts of your cyber defence. 

And what if the attacker gets in? 

It’s safe to say that this will happen one day. And when it does, you need to be ready to switch instantly from defence to attack with a tested cyber incident response plan. 

Our incident response training, provided by TSC Advantage, looks at how data intrusions are detected and how the incident sirens are triggered. We drill down into your incident response plans, putting them to the test against realistic scenarios and giving you clear guidance on how to get out of the blocks quickly when the alarm goes off. 

Getting in Front

No organisation can afford to play data dumb. You know what data you have. You know what data they want. And you know what it means to your company and your customers if they get it. So, it’s up to you to make sure you stay One Step Ahead of any breach.

The Value Adds

Cyber OSA currently offers three value adds to bolster critical aspects of your cyber security strategy: cyber threat reconnaissance; cyber phishing defence; and cyber intrusion response. 

For every $15,000 in net premium with Barbican you can choose one value add; spend over $30,000 you can choose two value adds, spend over $45,000 and get all three.

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